The Adventure of a Lifetime

Fishing safari experience

Enjoy exceptional sports fishing in beautiful pristine surroundings while relaxing and taking little else but fishing serious.

Your experienced host has a fine sports fishing reputation and will introduce you to different fishing locations.
JD Safaris (AOS) offers unique fishing experiences for dedicated sports fishers, ideally in small groups. While others offer trips to popular destinations, we customize your package on client requirements and years of experience.
To arrange your dream charter aboard a fantastic sailing catamarans or one of our sports fishing boats, contact us and lets us arrange an unforgettable fishing experience package just for you.

During afternoon session start at 1300hrs.

The above price are net and per fishing charter which takes up to 4 people in one trip - no hotels, other amenities or packages are included.
Price also does not include two ways beach transfers or any other sort of personal nature expense.

  • For full packages with everything inclusive please contact us.
  • This is a fantastic option to include those who would like to relax, swim, suntan, snorkel, and dive or just enjoy the beauty of cruising around the islands of East Africa while the serious anglers are out catching dinner!
  • There are no less than six different types of billfish in the Zanzibar's Pemba channel just north of Nungwi and your chances of catching at least 3 different types in a season are really good.

Besides the billfish there are huge sharks (Mako, Tiger, Thresher and Hammerhead to name but a few), tuna fishing, large wahoo, king mackerel, dorado, barracuda, and record size giant trevally plus many others.
In peak Marlin season, the bill fish move right up to the coast line to gorge themselves on the tuna, making the north of Zanzibar very interesting for enthusiastic anglers. These fish show inexhaustible displays of strength and a chance at a personal best is very good.
Basically our seasons take place with the tuna season running from August to October, and then the billfish season for marlin and sailfish running from November till March. In between the game fish are always there. Large Tuna can reach up to 100 kg’s, with many schools of 50 kg tuna still migrating through our waters. The tuna are followed by the big marlin. Our main striped marlin season runs from December through to March whilst large black and blue marlin are caught in September till December.

Other servises, package and deals:
  • Six to ten day trips for groups of between 4 and 8. We prefer smaller groups to ensure clients receive personal attention.
  • Dedicated team includes experienced host, fishing guide and skipper, passionate about fishing and Africa’s wild life.
  • Training on what bait to use and how to catch fish. No experience is needed and basic equipment is supplied.
  • Accommodation with a range of fully serviced cottages.
  • Breakfast and dinner, plus lunch packs.
  • Boat rides to remote sites.
  • Check lists on what to bring along, like camera, special fishing gear.

The connoisseur is welcome to bring specialized rods and kit along. Good fishing is obtained all year round, but the hot African summers between December and March reach high 30 to 40 degrees Celsius - 85 to 102 Fahrenheit and humid.

The sun rises around 05:00 in summer and the best time for fishing would be a few hours in the morning and then a few hours before sunset at around 19:00
We look forward to meeting you soon and being of service to you for the trip of your dreams.