The Adventure of a Lifetime

About us

JD Safaris under the management of Johan Josephson and his teams and partners in Sweden, Tanzania and Zambia — it’s an old fashion safari company with contemporary conservation ideals.

The thrill of sharing his beloved Africa is still as fresh and exciting as it was back when Johan has a child spending his vacations at his parents African ranch, or as an adult working together with the natives on their farms and nature conservation or hunting and trekking across the continent with family and friends.

JD Safaris actively supports the principle of developing of Africa's natural resources sustainably through low-density, high quality tourism. "Environmentally intelligent" tourism is nowhere such an important issue as in Africa. All safaris and safari programs have been developed in conjunction with the safari outfitters who are dedicated to conserving Africa's precious and unique resources. All the lodges and camps featured in our programs have been built with absolute minimal impact on the local fauna and flora, and all camps operate under the dictates of approved wildlife management. JD Safari does not want to cater to the masses, we keep our packages exclusive and with competitive prices and we listen to the wishes of our customers allowing us to give you the customer service that you deserve Johan´s wish is to share their dreams and adventures with travelers from across the planet.

Having lived in Africa for years, he enjoyed exciting adventures, exotic sights and wondrous journeys that took him to the length and breadth of Africa mysterious continent...Johan has also experience Africa not only as a resident but as a tourist, so he understands your expectations and wishes. As fan of Africa, he supports and endorses conservation and donates to local philanthropic activities. He has the experienced and understanding of Africa that is necessary to make your safari experience like no other. Not only those Johan personally supervises the arrangements and trip packages but he also joins in the Safaris and has constant interaction with the companies they represent, allowing JD Safari to remain vitally connected to the pulse of Africa - to her political, social and ecological realities and therefore always ahead of the rest.

Join us on an JD Safaris experience. Once our beloved continent has embraced you, and you have fallen under our irresistible spell, you will return... again and again!

Johan Josephson