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It is impossible to capture the essence of Africa on paper without using up every cliché in the book. No other continent comes close to it for scale, variety and pure, raw impact. Africa offers a travel experience like no other.

JD Safaris offers several packages, including custom made ones just for you.Enjoy every aspect and angle of this spectacular continent! Africa! it's a fantastic, enlightening, surprising and intriguing continent. Try it once, and we guarantee you'll dream about coming back for the rest of your life. Most safari models today are a far example of the ones we have read about in books of famous African explorers or watched in classic films.

Today a safari generally goes something like this: fly in, bounce around in a jeep, photograph the Big Five, have a sundowner, fly home. There's more to a good safari than an album full of sleeping lions and faraway elephants pictures. Do not get lost in tourists crowds in popular parks such as the Serengeti National Park, where more than 90,000 tourists visit each year.

Do not Join a hunting expedition, where you might be confused for prey by one of the other 1000 hunters in the area. If they don´t get you, the rotten food will surely do the job.
JD Safari is forging new frontiers where our guests have exclusive run of more than 300,000 acres of floodplains, riverine forest, beaches and savanna with a dense and diverse wildlife population and where fresh food is deliver daily.
JD Safari has redefined the safari experience, opening up previously unseen landscapes, improving conservation efforts, providing more meaningful cultural interactions, and generally making our safaris the experience of a lifetime - no matter how many times you come back to visit with us.